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  • Chinese Made Easy (Simplified) 3rd Ed
    Chinese Made Easy (Simplified) 3rd Ed

    The 3rd Ed of Chinese Made Easy is written for secondary school students...

  • China 3D Map
    China 3D Map


  • Map of China
    Map of China

    中华人民共和国地图 (挂图)。1全张系列地图。比例尺:1:6 000 000. 成图尺寸: 1068mm x 745mm 中华人民共和国地图...

  • iChineseReader

    孩子不爱读中文? 读不懂? 找书难? 2500+精选中文读物,700+美国老师倾心原创,孩子的中文阅读兴致一触即发。...

  • Approaching China - Elementary Chinese
    Approaching China - Elementary Chinese

    This series is a three-level Mandarin Chinese course designed for...

  • Chinese Made Easy (Simplified)
    Chinese Made Easy (Simplified)

    The Chinese Made Easy series, which starts at the beginner’s level, is...

  • Understanding China - Advance Chinese
    Understanding China - Advance Chinese


  • Chinese Made Easy for Kids (Traditional)
    Chinese Made Easy for Kids (Traditional)

    Chinese Made Easy is a course series specially compiled for primary...



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  • 孩子不爱读中文? 读不懂? 找书难? 2500+精选中文读物,700+美国老师倾心原创,孩子的中文阅读兴致一触即发。 20个精准分级,专业配音,拼音简繁可选,可跟读录音等多种功能,让孩子很快拾级而上。 20个主题学科全面涵盖,参考全美中小学学习内容和课程标准,每周持续更新。 iChineseReader“爱读”,为孩子学习中文助力。 Create a free trial account today, and let the magic begin!

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item