About Us


Nanhai, founded in San Francisco in 1986, currently headquartered in Millbrae with offices in Santa Clara, CA and Kirkland, WA. Through the years, Nanhai has developed into a premier showcase of Chinese arts and trusted educational resource by providing countless outstanding programs reflecting the Chinese heritage.


We believe the Chinese cultural heritage passed down thousands of years has universal values.
We believe cross-cultural interchange, especially bridging east and west, will bring us a better world.
We believe dripping water hollows out stone through persistence.


Our mission is to preserve and promote the Chinese heritage,share the unique value, ethics and aesthetic of Chinese arts and culture with the American public, and bridge east and west . With the mission in mind, we have established two major divisions that we consider our core competencies and in which we will focus particular attention on providing exceptional programs and services.

To study Chinese language finally means to study Chinese culture

CLERC utilizes and integrates available resources for the promotion of research and advancement of Chinese language education, makes sure to make our resources the shared hub of the broader community, and provides Chinese learning solutions and services.

  • Hosts Chinese Language Education Forum annually
  • Organizes seminars and workshops for teachers’ professional development
  • Offers cultural experience programs including Peking University Chinese language learning program, and Boy Scout camp, etc.
  • Helps teachers to select Chinese language learning textbooks, readers, test-prep materials, and reference materials in our one-stop online bookstore

Step in Chinese culture through Chinese art

Nanhai Art plays a pioneer role in leading people of diverse background to discover the unique beauty of Chinese arts and culture, building bridges through the universal language of art and inclusive cultural exchange.

  • Presents performance arts including dance, music, theater
  • Hosts lectures by scholars,  artists, educators, writers, and curators
  • Displays exhibits and curate its permanent art collections